Many women and men today are seeking the new paradigm beyond feminism that encourages a harmonious balance between the masculine and feminine. Miriam’s teaching is rooted in the deep inner feminine knowing of the sacredness, love, and interconnectedness of life. The purpose of these workshops is not to transmit information but to transform the lives of participants.

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- Kabbalah of the Feminine (Women Only)
- Relationships (For Singles and Couples)
- Kabbalah of Healing: A Meditative and Interactive Workshop
- Why Am I Really? Living With Greater Authenticity
- Secrets of The Shema

- Alternative Shabbat, Holiday, and New Moon Gatherings
- Jewish Meditation
- Meditative Kabbalah
- Teshuva: The Art of Personal Transformation
- The Secret Legacy of Biblical Women: Revealing the Divine Feminine.

Kabbalah of the Feminine (Women Only)

Kabbalah teaches us that it will be the women or the feminine principle that will lead the way for the redemption of the world, in much the same way that the women did in ancient times. We as women need to relearn what is meant by the Feminine as it has been so devalued throughout time. Kabbalah offers a very important perspective about the nature of the feminine that will be transformational and empowering. The goal of this workshop is to celebrate the unique gifts women bring into the world. Be inspired by the particular mitzvot we have been given. On the outside, it may appear that Judaism is patriarchal, but on the inside of the inside, Judaism is all about the Divine Feminine.

Be guided to embrace the feminine, become schooled in the art of attraction, receptivity, spiritual yearning and devotion. Be empowered by following in the footsteps of Biblical women who demonstrated the power of the Feminine. Biblical women has an important message for women today. that will transmitted during this workshop. As women, we will not do our part by imitating the masculine, but by honoring and embracing our unique wisdom as women. There is a depth of learning and conversation possible between women, when there are no men in the room. Through kabbalistic meditation, learning, dyad and group processes, and simply by being in our sacred circle as women, we will open more fully to who we are as women, we will share together, and we will dance.

"I found myself feeling a deep sense of relaxation and peace in my heart through listening to her words of wisdom; words that felt both ancient and true to me. I feel inspired and excited to practice what I learned."
-Julie ( Tucson, Arizona)

Enjoying the Dance of Polarity, Heightening Love, Passion and Yearning in Intimate relationships : Workshops for singles and couples in the Kabbalah of the Masculine and Feminine

Miriam Shulamit has developed a unique program to restore and heighten the love and passion for people in couples as well as assist single people in attracting their soul mate by increasing the polarity of the masculine and feminine. The teachings of kabbalah on the nature of masculine and feminine, along with meditation and dyad exercises to integrate this wisdom will help you to be more fully who you are as well as add joy and passion to your intimate relationships, whether you are married or single.

The attraction of the masculine and feminine is rooted in understanding the Divine blueprint of creation. It is the God within us that seeks unification through us. The deepest teachings on this subject in kabbalah can be reduced to light (masculine) and vessel (feminine). Both are necessary and equivalent to each other. Though we each contain a masculine and feminine essence within us, the dance of the polarity between the two is enhanced when we not only understand what is masculine and what is feminine according to kabbalah but we can embody these energies in our relationships. Enjoying the dance of these energies in our primary relationships enables us to access the deepest core of our being and life itself

"Miriam carries a great deal of knowledge about Jewish teachings on the masculine and feminine. The all too brief workshop I attended gave me a glimpse of the ancient wisdom of these teachings and, with it, a taste of the ease one might carry into intimate relationship and more fundamentally, within oneself." -Roy Martin Tucson

"I SO loved your workshop tonight and gained so much in terms of learning as well as new insights. Your teaching style is so gentle and so beautiful that what you say is so easy to absorb." -Judy ( New York) 

"A whole new world of intimacy opened for us due to the meditations, kabbalistic teachings and wonderful guidance of Miriam Shulamit"
-Sara and Ron ( Florida)

Kabbalah of Healing: A Meditative and Interactive Workshop

Long before the holistic health made the body-mind health connection, Kabbalah offered teachings and spiritual practices to promote healing and well being. This workshop offers powerful breathing, meditation, kabbalistic teachings, and dyad processes tailored to the individual needs of people present to effect healing. Many people report a reduction in pain and stress and greater clarity of purpose and focus in their lives from this workshop. Questions and Answers session included.

"The pain I felt in my body disappeared miraculously during the meditation" -Amy P.

Who Am I Really? Living With Greater Authenticity

This workshop is designed to support people to access their inner truth and live more fully from a place of authenticity. So many of us received messages that we were not enough as we were and that we needed to be a certain way to receive the love and approval from others to survive. As adults we often continue to live through the decisions that we made as children, afflicting ourselves over and over again. This workshop offers an opportunity to peel off layers of defense, allow for greater access and release of feelings, unblock deep buried emotions, heal childhood wounding, and most importantly reconnect with one's own soul and live from a place of more heart and soul.

Alternative Shabbat, Holiday and New Moon Gatherings

Miriam Shulamit is available to create alternative spiritual and meditative experiences for Shabbat, holidays, and new moon celebrations to supplement traditional prayer or replace it. She is delighted to serve as a scholar in residence for Shabbat and offer a variety of meditation and personal growth workshops throughout the weekend tailored to meet the needs and interests of participants. Skillfully guiding people in a variety of forms of kabbalistic meditative practices, she will illuminate deep kabbalistic teachings, enliven Jewish prayer and spiritual practice, and uncover the personal and spiritual transformational growth opportunity within each holiday, or Torah portion. A master storyteller, she can open the heart through Chassidic and spiritual stories and teachings.

Jewish Meditation

Guided meditative experiences using breathing, visualization, mantra, and Jewish and kabbalistic learning to loosen a person's identification with the ego-mind with all its judgments, fears, doubts, and limiting ideas so identification is made with the pure soul within. A person is guided to be attentive to the needs of this soul and is guided to experience the Shechinah directly within the body as well as strengthen the awareness and relationship with the Holy One through a variety of meditative and prayer techniques. It is the experience of both the immanence and transcendence of the Divine that heals, liberates, and transforms a person, making meditation a most powerful tool for personal healing of the practitioner; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The healing effects of meditation spill over to intimate relationships and to the world at large as well. Jewish meditation is an ancient tradition. Many Jewish sages claim to have reached great spiritual heights through meditation. Meditation illuminates Jewish thought, inspires Jewish practice, and elevates Jewish prayer.

"Miriam has the unique capability of inspiring and imparting deep teachings to a broad spectrum of people ranging from Orthodox to the non-affiliated. She communicates from the deepest of all places from that sacred place inside where she sees, sits, and stands and listens in the presence of God." -Debra S.

Secrets of The Shema

Teachings and Meditation on the Shema is the ticket to the highest spiritual awareness, providing a glimpse into the Inner True Reality that transforms our experience of ourselves and how we live our lives.

"Though I have been Jewish all my life, it was not until I did meditation with Miriam did I feel a closeness to God, any real understanding of what Judaism is all about, and what it really means to me. As a result, I have become a better person, clearly more accepting, calmer, and positive in outlook"
-Terry Duffy.

Teshuva The Art of Personal Transformation Open to a New Beginning (Perfect for Holiday Preparation)

Teshuva, literally means "to return", to return to the inner essence of who we are. This is an experiential and interactive workshop to do the actual inner work of personal transformation and forgiveness in the ways prescribed by Jewish sages.

"For the first time in my life, I feel a proud and beautiful connection to Judaism. I can not thank you enough."
-Lisa S.

Conversations With Biblical Women

More than appendages to their husbands, Biblical women changed the world due to the courageous choices that they made. Who were they? What challenges did they face? What are their messages for people today? The presentation includes an imaginary interview with one or several Biblical women. By communing with Biblical women, heeding their counsel, we are guided to live our lives more fully.

"Miriam's Shulamit's sensitive moving portrayal of Sarah is original and inspiring, yet firmly grounded in Torah and Talmud. Miriam Shulamit is the rarest of treasures, someone who is not only steeped in halacha, but also capable of unique and creative interpretations and insights. Conversations with Biblical Women is a program not to be missed." -Adult Education Division, Temple Brith Shalom, Prescott Arizona

Meditative Kabbalah

Within the body of knowledge that is known as Kabbalah are powerful teachings and meditative practices to heighten spiritual awareness and transform your life. Drawing on the meditative practices and teachings of the greatest sages in our tradition such as Rabbis Isaac Luria, Abraham Abulaffia, or Reb Nachman of Breslov, Ibn Paquda and/or he Alter Rebbe of Lubavitch and others weaved into breathing techniques and guided visualization, these workshops enable a person to receive a higher spiritual vibration and provide direct insight into the answers to the deeper questions of life. Workshops in meditative kabbalah are recommended for people with some meditation, learning, and Jewish spiritual practice. The meditations are more intricate, deeper, and more powerful.

"We waited for a long time to find a teacher who could transmit authentic Jewish spiritual practices from our Jewish tradition." -Phil S