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The Secret Legacy of Biblical Women: Revealing the Divine Feminine

Here are the stories about biblical women that are not widely known, but remain relevant particularly today women and men of all faiths and backgrounds. As archetypes, biblical women hold the spiritual keys for transforming ourselves and the world.

"... A treasure of wisdom, written with great heart, prophetic vision, and passionate beauty" -Rabbi Shefa Gold, author of Torah Journeys: The Inner Path to the Promised Land

"I have waited my whole life for a book that would elevate women like this holy book does... The Secret Legacy offers us answers to questions that we have had as well as those we did not even know how to ask." -Yitta Halberstam Mandelbaum, co-author of Small Miracles series.

"... a Ruach HaKodesh inspired book that has the power to activate and awaken the awe, wisdom, and ecstatic living force of sacred feminine energy in both women and men."
-Rabbi Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD. Author of "Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment"

"This path-breaking new book brilliantly weaves narrative, Midrash, mystic truth, and dialogue in a fashion that has never before seen print form... The inner dimension of women is all the more glorified thanks to her wonderful input to Jewish knowledge."
-Reb Rahmiel Hayim Drizin, frequent contributor of

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Biblical Women Who Changed The World

The timeless stories of the Bible have inspired generations of Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others, And you probably thought you knew them . . . until now. Author Melinda Ribner shares relevant and prophetic insights from little-known ancient documents that have been largely ignored or inaccessible for generations. Discover the love, courage, and vision displayed by biblical women like Eve, Sarah, Rebecca, and Esther that speak to the challenges people face today: Eve's actions in eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil impacts the love and intimacy men and women share today Sarah's decision to send Hagar and Ishmael into the wilderness affects current Jewish and Christian beliefs and Israel even today Rebecca's prophecy forecasts world events and the fate of America The secret to Queen Esther's power and beauty can have a positive difference in life. Discover the biblical women who changed the world! Walk in their footsteps and change your world today!

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Kabbalah Month By Month - A Year of Spiritual Practice and Personal Transformation

The ancient wisdom of kabbalah outlines a month-by-month guide for personal healing and transformation. It is the original twelve-step program as each month has its own unique energy and opportunities for healing and spiritual growth.

"Kabbalah Month by Month is one of the most amazing books that I have ever read. Melinda Ribner combines Kabbalah, astrology, numerology, Torah portions, and psychology. It is well written and accessible. I turn to it again and again." -Susan Kessler

"I continue to read Kabbalah Month by Month each month from the time when I purchased it in 2006 until the present. There has been no other book that I have read so continually and consistently for so long except the Bible." -Sarah Blum

Currently out of print, but used copies are available!

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New Age Judaism - Ancient Wisdom For The Modern World

Many people will be surprised to find that Judaism is fundamentally aligned with what we think of as the new Age. Many of the things we associate with the New Age are not new but are part of kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition. For thousands of years, Judaism has been involved with meditation, angels, vegetarianism, holistic healing, personal transformation, unity, consciousness, and many other things that have concerned the New Age movement.

"In New Age Judaism, Melinda Ribner does a remarkable job interfacing ageless Jewish spirituality with new age life today. For this, we owe her and her book a deep debt of gratitude." -Rabbi Simon Jacobson, author of "Toward a Meaningful Life"

"Believe it or not, I have read New Age Judaism probably a hundred times, and every time I read it, I get more out of it- it has become a daily part of my life, as well as many others it has touched. I try to share with everyone its words of encouragement and insight." -Lori Hana, unsolicited review to the author.

"New Age Judaism is a tonic for the soul. Through her extensive knowledge and wisdom of such subjects such as reincarnation, kabbalah, angels, you learn how vibrant and relevant Judaism is in the 21st century, "the New Age." Melinda Ribner is a rare author that combines scholarship with first-hand experience. She not only knows what she writes, but will inspire you with all that a faith-based life can be. She is a truly a spiritual guide and as you travel with her in this wonderful book, you will most certainly feel God's presence leading the way."
-A customer review on Amazon "

"The path that leads to Jewish spirituality can have many false steps. but if you begin your journey with New Age Judaism, your feet will be firmly planted in the rich soul of divine wisdom. from the first page to the last, New Age Judaism has something to teach. More importantly, it is an inspirational treatise that transports the reader beyond time and space with a gentle landing at the doorstep of an enlightened awareness." -Larry Lieblin.

Currently out of print, but used copies are available!

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Holy - CD

As these songs came to me in meditation, these songs will bring people easily into a state of profound inner peace and meditation. Coming out of the kabbalistic tradition, the message of this CD Holy is simple. Each human being is given a holy soul and this soul is a part of the Divine. When we are in touch with the divine soul within us, we experience spiritual homecoming to our true essence and healing on all levels of being." says Melinda Ribner, long time teacher of Jewish meditation and meditative kabbalah.

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