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"Mindy Ribner is a fabulous teacher, coach, and human being. As a knowledgeable and dedicated Jew and as an incredibly accomplished author, she brings so much of her knowledge and herself forward in her teaching. We hired her for three Thursday night sessions with our congregation on Zoom. Our purpose was not only to learn from her as she taught and led us in meditation but also to use these sessions as a way to prepare for Shabbat. Mindy's teaching succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. We heartily recommend her especially at this time of social isolation for sessions on zoom. Thank you Mindy!" -Rabbi Fred Guttman

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Soul Discovery and Embodiment Meditation Classes

Available in-person and through Zoom!

Be guided in a variety of meditative experiences using breathing, visualization, mantra, and kabbalistic teachings to loosen a person's identification with the ego-mind with all its judgments, fears, doubts, and limiting ideas so identification and embodiment are made with the pure soul within.

Meditation illuminates Jewish teachings, inspires Jewish spiritual practice, and elevates Jewish prayer. Additionally, a person is guided to be attentive to the needs of this soul to experience the Shechinah
( Divine Presence)  directly while also strengthening the awareness and relationship with the Holy One ( Divine  Masculine). It is the experience of both the immanence and transcendence of the Divine, the oneness of God, that heals, liberates, and transforms a person, making meditation a most powerful tool for personal healing of the practitioner; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The transformational effects of meditation spill over to intimate relationships and to the world at large as well.

"Miriam has the unique capability of inspiring and imparting deep teachings to a broad spectrum of people ranging from Orthodox to the non-affiliated. She communicates from the deepest of all places from that sacred place inside where she sees, sits, and stands and listens in the presence of God." -
Debra S. 

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