Healing and Counseling

"Working with Mindy, I entered a unique therapeutic experience that has enabled me to hear and listen to my authentic voice, find what nurtures me, and use these insights to guide my relationships with myself and with others.
I’ve learned to recognize the depth and significance of the body/mind/spirit connection. Judaism, meditation, kabbala, and prayer—integral components of therapy with Mindy—have had a great impact on my well-being. They’ve helped me to discover and embrace my spiritual needs and develop a relationship with God that has guided me, given me inner strength, and contributed to my physical and emotional healing.
Bringing these discoveries into my daily life, I strive to make “I want” rather than “I should” choices and statements and to seek nourishing, rather than draining, relationships. Listening actively to others while empowering myself and asserting my own truth has become a guiding principle for strengthening my relationships with my partner, family, friends, and others.
Thank you, Mindy, for initiating me into what I know will be an ongoing, life-enhancing journey." -
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"Our conversation before Yom Kippur so centered me. I got off the phone and said to myself, "that woman is my rebbe. "I don't think I ever quite felt that way about a teacher and myself. You teach me what I need to learn in the way I need to learn it" 
-Susan K, Fourth-year rabbinical student, Jewish Theological Seminary.

"The way you took away my headache was absolutely amazing." -N
. Kessler, licensed social worker.

"Melinda Ribner is an accomplished mashpiya (spiritual guide and transmitter). She guides contemporary people to experience God and Judaism first hand." -Rabbi Zalman Schacter Shalomi Obm; aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal.

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Spiritual Healing, and Counsel with Melinda Ribner is beneficial for anyone who wants to live more authentically, meaningfully, and joyfully. If you are undergoing a physical or emotional health challenge, or have experienced a loss of any kind in your life, Spiritual healing and Counsel will help you to heal and grow. When a person is undergoing a crisis of any sort, it is often hard to be objective. Melinda ( Miriam) will offer you both a spiritual reading and healing that will help you to see the spiritual opportunity to live more authentically and purposefully that is available to you within this challenge you are now facing. Nothing happens by accident, and there is goodness for the soul to be extracted in every experience.

In a few sessions, your questions and challenges are explored and addressed with love, respect, compassion. Through the medium of kabbalistic meditation, Torah learning, and Jewish spiritual practice, tailored just for you, your access to God, to your soul, to your inner knowing is heightened. An individualized treatment plan of meditation, learning, and spiritual practice is designed to support your growth and healing in between sessions, providing you with the skills to further reduce any pain and anxiety you may be experiencing and heal yourself. Please note that "Spiritual Healing and Direction "is not psychotherapy, though it is also offered to people in psychotherapy on an as-needed basis This offering is a spiritual reading, healing, and counsel. If you are in the physical presence of Miriam Shulamit, she will guide you in meditation and " lay" hands" on you. If you are on the telephone, you will be guided in meditation and receive an energetic transmission

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